Deirdre McLaughlin, MC, RCC    Photo by    Three Owls Studio

Deirdre McLaughlin, MC, RCC

Photo by Three Owls Studio

My name is deirdre McLaughlin.

I am a registered clinical counsellor, speaker, and facilitator offering counselling in Nelson, BC. 

Anyone who has ever struggled with anxiety or depression knows what a toll they can take, draining one’s life of enthusiasm and energy. If you’ve never had anxiety or depression therapy, it can be hard to believe that you will ever feel better. The great news is that there are many ways to approach anxiety and depression therapy; I have both helped and witnessed many people recover.

I also assist with anger management. Having facilitated many anger management programs through the years, I can say that helping people work through this difficult emotion is one of the more rewarding things I do. No one likes when anger gets the better of them: shame and remorse often follow, as well as repair work to damaged relationships and self-esteem. I help people gain insight into what causes anger (hint: it’s often fear), and gain tools to work with it in a more skillful way. If anger management is something that you struggle with, contact me and I will help develop an anger management program for you.

Finally, I have a special interest in addictionseating disordersgender, and sexualityYou can read more about these by following the links to their individual pages. If you're new to therapy, or if it's been part of your self-care routine for years, I want to thank you for visiting. I hope you find something interesting or new to ponder, and reach out to me for a free consultation.